By: japzone | December 10, 2014

 The Celebration of Haruhi is here! Enjoy this anthology of side-stories drawn by different mangaka. Be aware that the quality and style of the artwork will change with each story as each one was drawn by a different person. This thing is massive compared to the standard volume size, with more than 400 pages. Please Enjoy. (Button Shortcut below)

    Onto other news. I've stupidly just realized that "The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato" already has much of it scanlated by the Yukifan Group. It would be kind of pointless to scan the series when it's already scanned and in English. Though it seems the group hasn't posted a new chapter since March, and they only have up to chapter 41(or 40). That leaves most of volume 6 and all of volume 7 still unfinished. Due to this I might scan volume 6, but I'll have to think about it. Volume 7 won't officially be out in English until March, so any thoughts of scanning that will have to wait.

Now that all my scanning plans have evaporated this leaves me with a question of what else is there for me to scan? Haruhi-chan is being done by senfgurke2 so that's out. If anybody has suggestions on what else I can scan please let me know via the comments, Contact form, or BakaBT pm. I only want to scan things that you can't find easily online or outside the US(like the Haruhi manga was) and I prefer stories that are slice-of-life with sci-fi/fantasy elements, and preferably in a modern setting. I know, weirdly picky, but that's my sweet spot. But I will take other suggestions of course.

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