By: japzone | December 10, 2014

 The Celebration of Haruhi is here! Enjoy this anthology of side-stories drawn by different mangaka. Be aware that the quality and style of the artwork will change with each story as each one was drawn by a different person. This thing is massive compared to the standard volume size, with more than 400 pages. Please Enjoy. (Button Shortcut below)

    Onto other news. I've stupidly just realized that "The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato" already has much of it scanlated by the Yukifan Group. It would be kind of pointless to scan the series when it's already scanned and in English. Though it seems the group hasn't posted a new chapter since March, and they only have up to chapter 41(or 40). That l...

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By: japzone | December 09, 2014

And we're off! It's about time I got around to making a site for these instead of just posting them to a profile on BakaBT. Now they have a nice home to hang out on. I'll be posting new releases here so can keep tabs on the goings on. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to the right, or see more options in the footer down below.

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